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Developed in Denmark

The Story of PRO Devices

PRO Devices A/S has a vision to make everyday life easier for staff in microbial laboratories. We add value to the laboratories by optimising manual workflow of weary routines, using automated resistance measurements, which is time-consuming and a routine task.

PRO Devices was founded in 2014 with expertise in the production of antibiotic tablets, vision technology and mechanics. Today PRO Devices is led by Charlotte, who has a Ph.D. in Measuring Techniques.

IRIS-100 is an innovation in laboratory technology, where we standardize and streamline the work processes and enhances quality and safety around the patients’ test results. The product is developed in close collaboration with clinical microbiological laboratories in both Denmark and Sweden. We have been in dialogue with people from EUCAST and from WHO during the development process.

IRIS-100 reads the size of all inhibition-zones on disc diffusion tests, at the same time the individual antibiotic discs are identified, and documentation and traceability are ensured with photo-documentation.

In 2020 we have filed 2 patents on text recognition of antibiotic-discs and diameter determination of inhibition zones.


PRO Devices cooperate closely with several experts in the field of vision technology (image analysis), camera technology, programming, mechanics and construction.

JLI Vision is our partner within image analysis.


CEO & Co-founder

Charlotte Enghave Fruergaard

Charlotte holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Measuring Technique and has a long career as consultant in the pharmaceutical industry.

Mail: cef@pro-devices.com | Mobile: +45 61 46 23 22