With IRIS-100 the measurements will be carried out with higher accuracy, stability and faster, which leads to efficiency and increased quality.

With many analyses to be carried out every day, IRIS-100 can both ensure high-quality standard and optimize cost per analysis, which will make a difference to the running costs of the laboratory.

IRIS-100 ensures faster, more stable and accurate measurement of inhibition zones, allowing more time for difficult measurements.

IRIS-100 handles petri dishes with and without labels and provides a qualified estimate for zone size as well as antibiotic drug from the text on the disc. The user only needs to make a quick visual validation and, if necessary, easily adjust and finally approve the result.

Faster readings will free up time for other daily work tasks in the laboratory. Faster diagnosis will mean shorter times for the patient including hospitalization.

The User Interface is simple and easy, which makes it easy to understand and use:

  • Easy and fast to read the results
  • Increased efficiency, because all zones are measured at once
  • Increased capacity in the laboratory
  • More analysis in shorter time
  • Fewer hands for the same work task
  • More time for difficult readings, expert evaluations and other tasks
  • Greater flexibility in the laboratory
  • Low operating- and maintenance cost
  • Simple Plug and Play solution