Increased Quality Assurance

In a busy laboratory IRIS-100 will ease the time-consuming routine work around manual reading of inhibitions zones and zone analysis.

With IRIS-100 the measurements will be carried out with higher accuracy, stability and faster, which leads to efficiency and increased quality and thereby the patient safety. IRIS-100 takes a photo and reads all inhibitions zones and ensures documentation and thereby full traceability.

IRIS-100 ensures standardized measurement conditions:

  • Constant light conditions
  • Placement/distance to agar plate is always the same
  • Background is uniform
  • Same camera and software (eyes and brain)

Furthermore, the quality is increased by measuring all zones, which is a requirement for various quality certifications like EUCAST.

IRIS-100 from PRO Devices uses advanced software with image recognition and performs circular measurements. The User Interface is simple and easy, which makes it easy to understand and use:

  • Visual presentation of the result
  • Fast presentation of the result app. 3 second per agar plate
  • Accurate and stable readings
  • Greater stability and accuracy in readings
  • Easy and fast to read the results
  • Easy to zoom in on the zones and change if necessary
  • Results and assessments can be stored and tracked
  • Full documentation and import of measurement results to your own systems
  • General improvements in the diagnosis
    • increased automation and efficiency in routines
    • greater stability and precision in readings
    • fewer errors